Minutes of the April 15, 2010 Meeting of the Board of Directors
of the Tiger Letterwinners Association

1. Attending:

Erwin Abell Ferdie Alsbrooks Ben Anderson
Larry Bagwell Gary Barnes George Bennett
Ray Brown Charlie Bryan Charlie Bussey
Randy Cheek Wayne Coffman Fred Cone
Ben Crosland Bob Fant Vance Hammond
Laurie Haughey Bert Henderson Bill Hudson
Kim Ivey Dave Moorhead Doc Morgan
Dr. Terry Don Phillips Gil Rushton Annie Tribble
Rene Williams-Verdell Emily Wood Charles Wyatt

2. President Randy Cheek welcomed the group and introduced Senior Associate Athletic Director Bill D’Andrea, who read a letter of appreciation from John Pollock, son of Coach Bob Pollack, former Clemson University Men’s Track Coach (now deceased).  Coach Pollock will be inducted posthumously into the Clemson University Athletic Hall of Fame with the Class of 2010 and the letter expressed the appreciation of the Pollock family for this honor.

Bill D’Andrea then presented new Men’s Basketball Coach, Brad Brownell, to the group and Coach Brownell expressed his excitement about being at Clemson as well as his anticipation of the new season.

3. After an invocation by Randy Cheek, the Board remembered, in a moment of silence, those Letterwinners listed below, who passed away since our last meeting:

Gaines Adams
Jack Day
Mark Tanner Heniford
Harold "Mac" McKeown
Chippy Maness
Bob Pollock
Bruce Schaefer
David Sims
Jimmy Wells

4. Ben Crosland reported on behalf of the Letterwinners Officer Nominating Committee (Barbara Kennedy-Dixon – Chair, Phil Prince, and Ben Crosland) and nominated the following as officers of the Tiger Letterwinners Association for a two-year term, effective July 1, 2010:

Emily Wood - President
Bill Burton - Vice President

5. Charlie Bussey then passed out ballots and explained the process for nominating up to ten individuals for induction into the Clemson University Athletic Hall of Fame.  The Nominating Committee (Letterwinners Board of Directors) nominated the following seven individuals to be inducted with Bob Pollock (already nominated and approved) at an appropriate ceremony on Friday, September 3, 2010:

Henry Abadi - Men's Soccer
Shawn Crawford - Men's Track
Cindy Duarte - Women's Track
Pender Murphy - Me's Tennis
Harold Olsen - Football
Paulette Russell - Women's Swimming
D.J. Trahan - Golf

Charlie Bussey announced that the names of the nominees will remain confidential until approved by the Approval Committee and until the nominees have been notified.  At that time, a news release will be issued by the University Sports Information Director.

6. The meeting adjourned after lunch.


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