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Nancy Harris Quotes (5/11/13)
By: Clemson Sports Information  
Release:  05/11/2013
Gutty performance by Bea to finish it off?
Absolutely. To get the second set was unbelievable. Then she gets to the third set, keeps battling, and goes down with that cramp. She was really in trouble. We were fortunate today. I think Bea’s cramping actually even distracted her opponent a little bit.

Bea just has such courage. In that type of situation, Bea is the one you want out there. She never gives up. That was the key to the win today. We were in trouble after the doubles, the singles weren’t going fabulous, but we refused to go away as a team. We’ve talked about that all year, and our girls kept battling and came through.

Sort of like 2008 ACC Championships?
“Yes it was. I kept looking at Bea and having flashbacks of what happened in 2008, trying to get her to drink more fluids. We haven’t really had hot weather this year, and we knew that unless she kept drinking it was just going to get worse. Our med trainer was great to get out there quickly and get her going again. She kept downing those fluids and was able to get up there and pull out a gutsy win.

Did you think Bea would have to retire?
“I didn’t even want to think about that. I felt if we could just get Bea to keep drinking during that timeout, she would be able to stand up and finish. I coached a great player, Julie Coin, and I remember during the national championship match she just fell straight over backwards. We pumped her up with some pedialite and she was able to come right back for a little bit. Pedialite works like an IV and it definitely helped Bea today. Fortunately, we were close to the end of the match and it gave her the boost she needed to get the job done.

How special is this team and moment?
This is a wonderful team. They’re young, they’re exciting, and they’re very talented. The team just has great chemistry. I’m thrilled that we have the opportunity to head to Champaign, IL, and play in the Sweet Sixteen. The more rounds we go through as a young team, the better we will be in the future. I truly believe we have a chance to progress towards a national title, but we have to keep working and gaining experience along the way. The experience our girls are gaining right now will be huge for us in the future.

This season was rigorous, the toughest schedule Clemson has played in a long time. For such a young team to play such a difficult schedule, they learned from each match and kept working to improve. I believe that paid off today.”

How do you feel about the performance this weekend? 
Very, very happy the girls had two great wins here. We are so excited to be headed to the Sweet Sixteen and compete amongst the country’s elite. But believe it or not, we can get better. We can get better in doubles and get better in singles. We’re still not as aggressive as I believe we need to be to win it. I really think we need to improve in that area and use more variety in the doubles. If we can do those things, then we have a chance to keep advancing.

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