Clemson Family Testimonies to the Life of Bert Henderson
Davis Babb, IPTAY CEO
Bert Henderson was the consummate friend, professional, ambassador and difference-maker for Clemson and IPTAY throughout his career. He was respected by all who knew him as a dedicated Tiger who would go the extra mile to help anyone.
He was the epitome of what a Clemson man stands for – family, love, commitment, servant leader and devoted teammate. He wore many hats and touched thousands of lives while helping to make Clemson the special place it is. He will be remembered for his genuine kindness and loving spirit and will truly be missed by everyone who knew him. IPTAY and Clemson have lost a dear friend.
George Bennett, retired Executive Director of IPTAY
Bert had a unique ability to cultivate friendships. He was always upbeat, interested in whomever he was talking to and always had Clemson's interest at heart. We will miss him.
Dan Radakovich, Director of Athletics
Our Clemson athletics family is devastated by Bert's passing, and our hearts go out to Amy Lee, Kimberly and all of Bert's family and friends. Over the past four decades, Bert personified and exemplified what it means to be a true Tiger though his loyalty and passion for our university. He served in a wide variety of roles with distinction, touching so many areas of the athletic department, IPTAY and the university. His passing leaves us with heavy hearts, and he will be remembered for all of his great contributions to make Clemson a better place.   
Dabo Swinney, Clemson Head Football Coach
One of the kindest and most sincere people I have met since I came to Clemson in 2003 was Bert Henderson. He always had a smile and represented Clemson with class in every way. It was obvious to me from day one that his love for all things Clemson was deep and sincere. I enjoyed knowing him the past 14 years and will cherish the many stories that he shared along the way.  
Clemson Football is enjoying a new facility today and a big reason for that is the relationship between Bert and the Reeves Family. He was the one that got us over the hump with our fundraising to make our new facility a reality. We are forever grateful for his efforts to help us become a better Clemson.
My prayers are with his daughters and all the Clemson Family as we remember and celebrate the impactful life of Bert Henderson.  May he rest in peace.
Brad Brownell, Clemson Head Basketball Coach
Bert did so much for the basketball program over the years dating to his time as the athletic trainer for basketball. He continued to help us in the fundraising area. He was loved by so many and was a true Clemson man.
Bobby Conrad, Clemson Hall of Fame Basketball Player
Bert was a Tiger from the first time he walked on campus in the late 1970's. A great ambassador for Clemson, he always made returning alumni feel welcome. His infectious smile, kindness, and servant leadership will live on in the memory of all who knew him.
Bill D’Andrea, former Executive Secretary of IPTAY
Bert Henderson was a great ambassador for IPTAY and Clemson athletics. He was the ultimate company man and provided exceptional customer service to everyone that he came in contact with. Bert was the absolute best at serving people and helping donors with their needs no matter what their level of contribution. He will truly be missed as a great Clemson man.
Jacoby Ford, former Clemson All-ACC Football Player
I pray for Bert Henderson and his family.  We have a heavy heart right now. He was a great friend and an even better man. He will be missed.
Van Hilderbrand, former Clemson Associate Athletic Director
Bert Henderson was one of the old Clemson guard that listened to and supported the donors, students and fans. "NO" was not in his vocabulary. As I worked with Bert on IPTAY tickets and parking, he always asked "how can we help this donor.” I will forever appreciate his LOVE for Clemson and all the followers of the Tigers.
Ann Marie Indorf, former Clemson Volleyball Player
Clemson lost a very special man in Bert Henderson. That smile and personal warm welcome back HOME to Clemson every time will forever be imbedded in my mind!
Thank you for all your care that made IPTAY great so the athletes could have the opportunity to play and do what we love.
Bob Mahony, Director of Block C Club
I have been blessed to have worked with Bert for just over 28 years. Professionally, Bert took great pride in his work. He represented Clemson with enthusiasm, class, and integrity. He was always looking for ways to get Clemson people to invest in Clemson, for the present and the future.  
He was open to learn how to get better at his job so he could present the best options for individual donors. He genuinely cared for people, on and off the job. He was a great listener, but was quick to ask questions so he could know best how to serve.  
Bert was a great story teller with a detailed memory of the circumstances and conversations. He was proud of his family and his family was so proud of him. His work ethic was far beyond what most people know, and I was always amazed at how much he did for others away from Clemson. Bert loved people and people loved him.
I will miss his friendship. He will leave a legacy of memories with those who knew him and many who knew of him who were part of the IPTAY / Clemson family.
Grayson Marshall, Clemson Hall of Fame Basketball Player
Bert was one of the people who took care of me as an athlete when I was on campus and has been a friend since graduation. Please pray the peace of God to all he knew and the lives he touched.
K.J. McDaniels, former Clemson All-ACC basketball player
Prayers go out to the Bert Henderson family.  Rest in Peace. He was a great guy.
Bryan Narcisse, former Clemson basketball player
Words cannot do justice hearing that in three months we have lost both Bert and Lee Ann Henderson. We all pray for his family.
Mark Packer, XM Radio, Clemson Graduate
Bert Henderson epitomized every aspect of Clemson University. He was a kind man that always had time to share a story, a laugh and a smile. I remember meeting him during my days as a Clemson student in the early 80s.
He was a trainer, business manager, fund-raising guru in addition to being an on-air talent on the Tiger Tailgate Show. Despite his busy schedule, Bert always had time for you...even if it was just to say "hello". He was a great man. A Clemson man. And he'll be missed.
Terry Don Phillips, former Director of Athletics
Bert was a tremendous person to work with. He was always upbeat, positive and did a great job for IPTAY and Clemson University. He was very instrumental in the excellent growth of Clemson athletics. 
However, above all he cared for people—he had a servant’s heart.  Bert left a great legacy for Clemson.
Robert Ricketts, former Clemson Associate Athletic Director
I have known Bert for over 30 years and he just had the never-ending desire to serve people. We are so fortunate that he chose to work at Clemson. Our thoughts are with his family, especially his daughters.”
Bobby Robinson, former Director of Athletics
I never heard anyone say a bad word about Bert Henderson. As long as I have been involved in college athletics I can’t say that about a lot of people. Bert started his career working with student-athletes and he made the transition to become the best we have had in fundraising in the capital gifts area. He was someone the $30 IPTAY member could go to and he would take care of them. 
What you see is what you get with Bert Henderson. He was as honest and giving a person as we have had at Clemson.
Neil Simons, Clemson Hall of Fame Baseball Player
First, my heart goes out to his family, particularly his daughters. Bert was a wonderful trainer for us while we were in school together and became a great ambassador for Clemson.
He was so proud of what the Clemson Athletic programs have accomplished and was even more excited for where we're heading. He talked about the next 10 years being the greatest in Clemson sports history. I'm glad he was with us for the National Championship in Tampa, but I'm sad he's going to miss the rest of the ride. RIP Bert.
Tanner Smith, former Clemson Basketball Captain
Bert Henderson and his family will always hold a place in my heart. He was one of the first men to invest in me. God gained an angel.
C.J. Spiller, former All-American Football Player
Bert Henderson will definitely be missed by the Clemson family. He was a great ambassador for our university, not just the athletic department. My prayers are with his family.
Sharon Wright, Clemson Hall of Fame Basketball Player
When Chris Whitney and I first came to Clemson in 1991, guess who made sure we had everything we needed? That’s right…Bert Henderson….may he rest in peace.
Jane Robelot, WYFF TV, CBS News, Clemson graduate Bert Henderson was one of the kindest people I've been blessed to know. I can honestly say that I never remember hearing Bert say an unkind word about anyone - ever! He loved! He loved his bride and his babies - he loved his friends - and he loved Clemson University.  Bert will be forever missed." 
Dwight Rainey, former Senior Associate Athletic Director
I had the pleasure of working with Bert Henderson when he arrived at Clemson in 1978. As an assistant trainer, he was assigned to the men's basketball team and I was an assistant coach. He immediately made friends with all the players and was always there for them, no matter what, even making trips to the dorms at night if they needed him.
When I think back through the years, I remember Bert always with 'a friendly smile and a firm handshake.' Clemson has lost a great ambassador and a true friend. We will all miss him!

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