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Release:  09/13/2017

Members of the Clemson women’s basketball team will share their thoughts and experiences on ClemsonTigers.com throughout the 2017-18 season. This week’s entry is by junior and Greensboro, N.C. native Keniece Purvis. Scroll down to read previous blog entries.

9/13/17: Keniece Purvis

This past summer was one to remember! Since I have been in college, I have not been able to go home for more than two weeks at a time, but this summer, I was able to go home for almost two months! I spent time with a lot of friends and family, which brought me great joy. I was also able to watch my younger brother cross the stage at his high school graduation. I was so very proud of him; most people think he’s my twin. I was also really glad I was able to spend a lot of time with him before our family sent him off to college. I spent time with some of my closest friends, who kept me busy doing things every week such as movie nights, a concert, bowling, swimming, etc.

After a good time visiting home, summer school and summer workouts began. Our team was fortunate enough to be able to work with The Program this summer. We learned a lot of team building skills which helped us trust one another and be closer as a unit. As the summer came to an end we had a two-week break before the regular school year began. During this time, I attended my family reunion and really enjoyed my time with my extended family.

Now, we are about three weeks in to the fall semester, and the environment on campus is great. All the students are back and the campus is full. Preseason workouts have continued and we are working a lot on strength and conditioning. This past weekend, my teammates and I had the opportunity to attend the Clemson versus Auburn football game. The game was very lively and exhilarating. So many people were on campus cheering our Tigers on; it was such an experience! Of course, Clemson beat Auburn 14-6, so it was a great night in Tiger Town! We have about a month left until our season is officially here. I am very excited, this year I will be a junior and I foresee a lot of good things to come on and off the court.

9/6/17: My Epic Summer Journey…Nelly Perry

If I had to choose a word to describe this summer I would say “blessed.” This summer, I traveled a great deal, and I was able to see my family more than I have in the past three summers at Clemson. To start the summer, I attended the Future concert, which was an amazing experience. I also spent some time with friends of a family member in North Carolina, where we attended a birthday celebration. It was cool because it was for an older person and everyone laughed together as they shared and relived old stories. After that, I went home to New Jersey. The feeling of going home is so sweet because of the love my family and friends show me; I can tell that I am genuinely missed. I was home for two weeks, during which time I continuously gave back to my community by attending various camps giving short motivational speeches, reading to children, playing one on one games and guiding them through basketball drills. The best experience of all was when I attended the Extended School Year Program (ESY at H.B Wilson) with the Special Seeds Program. The children were so excited for me to be there and it was a great time.

What I also found interesting this summer was working the Audra Smith House of Hoops Camp. It was an awesome experience for me. I was able to see young talent and give the players an understanding of what it is like to play at the collegiate level. A few days after camp ended, I went to see the Atlanta Dream play and I was able to take a picture with the WNBA president and a current player. Being in the presence of what my future goals are, I believe that was one of my favorite moments of my summer.

After that, we settled back in on campus and started our summer workouts. We did many team activities together off the court, but I think the most helpful part was being able to complete The Program. The Program was very intense, but a great learning experience. It helped me to see my teammates and myself from a different perspective. It also allowed me to define myself as a leader, for example, speaking up, being out of my comfort zone, motivating, encouraging and leading by example. Those skills will help me in everyday life, both on and off the court.

I must say that the end of the summer was the best of all (EPIC!). My siblings and I surprised my mother with a surprise birthday/appreciation party and I was definitely in attendance. On top of that, I started my senior year and preseason workouts. My major is Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management (PRTM) and the first few weeks of class have been pretty good. Overall, this summer I witnessed my teammates work very hard and do things out of their comfort zones, and because of that, I know this year is going to be nothing but astounding. I am anxiously anticipating earning my degree and having a great school year and athletic career.

8/30/17: Senior Year Excitment…Alexis Carter

This summer I went home to Portland, Oregon for a month! It was the longest I’ve been home since I left for college. During my time at home, I was able to witness my childhood best friend get married! It was a beautiful wedding and I was so happy to be a bridesmaid and take part in the union of two people I care so much about! While I was home I was also able to watch my brothers play for their summer sports programs. Although I was in Portland for most of the break, I also spent two weeks in New York, where I was able to tour the city and enjoy my summer vacation.Alexis Carter

Classes started a week ago, and the first week of school has made me excited, as this is my last year before I will earn my degree! It is nice to have all the students back on campus because there is a buzz in the air everywhere you go! This year I will be finishing up my degree by taking all upper level management classes, and also completing my minor in athletic leadership. Another big aspect of my educational experience here at Clemson has been the tutoring and advising opportunities for the athletes. This year the Athletic Department has opened up a new academic facility (the Nieri Family Enrichment Center) that is beautiful! It is also in a great location that is only a three-minute walk from Littlejohn.

For my last year at Clemson, I am most excited about earning my degree and graduating from a top school. Being a student-athlete and earning a business degree is definitely a challenge, but I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn and compete in such a great environment. I've already had an amazing three years on and off the court.

8/23/17: An Adventurous Summer…Ivy Atkism

If I had to describe this summer in one word it would be "adventure".

I promised myself that this summer would be the best one of my college career, and it didn’t disappoint. It was full of adventures, good times, experiences, but most importantly, good people. I think the best way to explain my summer would be in phases.

Ivy, Franny, Victoria Table Rock HikePhase 1 was my time of adventures and exploring. Whether it was hiking Table Rock, trips to Greenville to explore, or trips to Atlanta to watch basketball and spend some time at Top Golf, it was all time well spent. Victoria (Cardaci), Franny (Francesca Tagliapietra) and I had a list of things we wanted to accomplish and we got most of it done.

Phase 2 was full of basketball. The whole team made their way back to campus for the second session of summer school and we started team workouts. One of my favorite parts of the summer was the togetherness that I experienced with our team after working together to make it through The Program. The Program is an experience that encourages leadership and togetherness. It was amazing to see different teammates lead and speak up when necessary, support each other when we got down, and come together through the tough times. We were given different obstacles and situations of adversity through sand bags, logs, the 10-foot end of the pool, and THE HEAT. We fought hard through everything that was thrown at us and finished every mission. After that I experience, I was sure that I had teammates who would fight with me through anything and everything.

Phase 3 was my summer job. This summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to work as a full-time nanny and it was an experience I will never forget. While my weekdays were full of work, there was still time for a fun on the weekends with friends and family.

The most important thing that I will take away from this summer is the amount of personal growth I experienced. Struggling with anxiety always made it difficult to hang out with friends and teammates and get out of my comfort zone, but this summer was full of loving people and adventures I’ll never forget.

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