SAAC Meeting Minutes
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Release:  11/13/2009

Nov. 13, 2009

1) 6:45 Dinner

2) 7:00 Welcome
a) Student Body President -- Abby Daniel
b) Homecoming Representative
i) Katrina Obas - Womens Swimming and Diving

3) Legislation -- Lauren Klas & Tyler Morey
a) Proposal 2009-22--Amateurism and Eligibility-Involvement with Professional Teams-Exception-Prior to initial full-time collegiate enrollment-delayed enrollment-Seasons of competition
i) Vote: Passed
b) Proposal 2009-28--Recruiting-Contacts and Evaluations-Telephone Calls-Official and Unofficial Visits-Offers of Financial Aid-Tryouts-Women's Soccer
i) Vote: Defeated
c) Proposal 2009-29--Recruiting and Eligibility-Four-Year Prospective Student-Athletes-Permission to Contact and Transfer Release-Response to Request and Hearing Opportunity
i) Vote: Passed
d) Proposal 2009-32--Recruiting-Telephone Calls-Time Period for Telephone Calls-Exception-Unlimited during Contact Period
i) Vote: Defeated
e) Proposal 2009-45--Recruiting-Official Visit-First Opportunity to Visit-June Immediately Prior to Senior Year-Football
i) Vote: Defeated
f) Proposal 2009-48--Recruiting and Financial Aid-Letter-of-Intent Programs, Financial Aid Agreements-Letter-of-Intent Restriction-Limitation on Number of Signings-Football Bowl Subdivision
i) Vote: Passed
g) Proposal 2009-61--Eligibility-Full-Time Enrollment-Requirement for Practice-Waiver-U.S. Olympic Committee/National Governing Body-Former Student-Athlete at Another Institution-Individual Sports and Women's Rowing
i) Vote: Passed
h) Proposal 2009-62--Eligibility-Full-Time Enrollment-Requirement for Practice-Waiver-U.S. Olympic Committee/National Governing Body-Former Student-Athlete at Another Institution-Individual Sports and Woman's Rowing
i) Vote: Passed
i) Proposal 2009-63--Eligibility-Seasons of Competition-Criteria for Determining Season of Competition-Alumni Game, Fundraising Activity or Celebrity Sports Activity
i) Vote: Passed
j) Proposal 2009-65--Eligibility-Transfer Regulations-Four-Year College Transfers-One-Time Transfer Exception-Women's Volleyball
i) Vote: Defeated
k) Proposal 2009-47--Recruiting and Financial Aid-Letter-of-Intent Programs, Financial Aid Agreements-Written Offer of Aid Before Signing Date-Football
i) Vote: Passed
l) Proposal 2009-69--Financial Aid-Maximum Institutional Grant-In-Aid Limitations by Sport-Equivalency Computations-Exceptions-Academic Honor Awards-Transfer Students
i) Vote: Defeated
m) Proposal 2009-73--Awards, Benefits and Expenses-Expenses Provided by the Institution for Practice and Competition-Non-permissible-Lodging in Conjunction with a Regular-Season Home Contest
i) Vote: Defeated
n) Proposal 2009-76--Playing and Practices Seasons-Time Limits for Athletically Related Activities-Additional Restrictions-Countable Athletically Related Activities Between Midnight and 5 A.M.
i) Vote: Passed
o) Proposal 2009-77--Playing and Practice Seasons-Women's Basketball-Preseason Practice-On-Court Practice-30 Practices within 40 Days Prior to First Contest
i) Vote: Defeated
p) Proposal 2009-78--Recruiting-Playing and Practices Seasons-Women's Basketball-Number of Contests-Maximum Limitations
i) Vote: Defeated
q) Proposal 2009-79--Playing and Practice Seasons-General Playing and Practice Season Regulations-Preseason Practice-Women's Season
i) Vote: Defeated
r) Proposal 2009-84--Playing and Practice Seasons-General Playing and Practice Season Regulations-Preseason Practice-Women's Soccer
i) Vote: Defeated
s) Proposal 2009-87--Administrative Regulations-Foreign Tours and Competition-No Institutional or Conference Foreign Tours
i) Vote: Defeated
t) Proposal 2009-46--Playing and Practice Seasons-Baseball-Preseason Practice and First Contest-Championship Segment
i) Vote: Passed
u) Proposal 2009-59--Division Membership-Definitions and Applications-Emerging Sports for Women-Sand Volleyball
i) Vote: Passed

4) Schilleter Night Update -- Maggie Bernard
a) Four 30m Shifts of 15 people
b) FB and Rowing - FB be prepared for an email from Maggie
c) Theme: Breakfast of Champions

5) Soles for Souls Update -- Tyler Morey
a) New Plan: pair with spring football game as well as home baseball games

6) National Student-Athlete Day Update -- Jason Chatlosh
a) More information to come within the next couple weeks.

7) SAAC in Action
a) Go read the article at http://www.theacc.com/genrel/093009aaa.html.

8) Individual Coach's meetings
a) Make sure you have talked with your coach about communicating the goals, objectives and key issues that SAAC is discussing with your team.

9) Open Discussion
a) The officers will be meeting with compliance within the next week about the community service events. Please be prepared for your teams commitments in these events.

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