Award and Scholarship Opportunities

The NCAA, ACC, Clemson University, and various other organizations administer a variety of scholarships, internships, and leadership/development opportunities that student-athletes have the chance to apply for.  Listed below is information about such awards including: criteria for nomination, organization sponsoring award, and deadlines.  Each award has been categorized based on the type of opportunity: Postgraduate Scholarships/Opportunities, Academic Awards, Athletic/Academic Awards, Service and Leadership Awards, and Athletic Department Awards. 

Postgraduate Scholarships/Opportunities

ACC Futures Program (Internship)

- Woman or ethnic minority with an undergraduate degree or scheduled to graduate
- Academic distinction
- Varsity letterwinner
- Intent to enter athletic administration or television profession
- Participation in campus and community activities
- April deadline

ACC Weaver-James Corrigan Postgraduate Scholarship

- One-time $5000 postgraduate scholarship

* Candidate must plan to attend graduate school
* Minimum GPA of 3.2/4.0
* Participant in final season of eligibility
* Excellent athletic, leadership, and academic achievements
* Late-January deadline

NACDA Annual John McLendon Memorial Minority Postgraduate Scholarship

- One-time $10,000 postgraduate scholarship

* Senior level minority student (Black - not of Hispanic origin, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaskan Native)
* Minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0
* Pursuing a postgraduate degree in athletic administration
* Mid-January deadline

NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Programs’ Postgraduate Scholarships for Career in Athletics

- One-time $6000 postgraduate scholarship

* Seeking to enter a sports related graduate program
* Ethnic minority or woman
* US citizen
* Performed with distinction as a student-body member
* Involvement in extracurricular activities, course work, commitment to a career in athletics, and promise for success will be considered
* Mid-December deadline

NCAA Internship Program

- One year paid internship at the NCAA office in Indianapolis, IN
- College graduate interested in pursuing a career in college athletic administration
- Mid-December deadline

NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

- One-time $7500 postgraduate scholarship

* Minimum GPA of 3.2/4.0
* Excellent athletic, leadership, and academic achievements
* Participant in final season of eligibility
*Mid-December (Fall Sports), Mid-May (Winter Sports), Mid-June (Spring Sports) Deadline

NCAA Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship Program

- One-time $21,500 postgraduate scholarship

* Senior in final year of athletic eligibility
* Minimum GPA 3.5/4.0
* Show good character, leadership, and citizenship
* Mid-January deadline

Academic Awards

ACC- All Academic Team

- 3.0 Semester GPA
- 3.0 Cumulative GPA
- Nomination only; nominees are not guaranteed to be named to All-Academic Team
- Late- January (Fall Sports); Early-June (Winter & Spring Sports)

ACC Honor Roll

- 3.0 Average GPA for fall and spring semester (academic year)
- Late-July deadline
- Inform sports information department of recipients

ACC Scholastic Award

- Top male & female participant in final season of eligibility with highest cumulative GPA
- Mid-May deadline
- Inform John Seketa of recipients

Clemson University Honor Roll

- 3.0 Average for semester
- Run at end of semester
- Inform sports information department of recipients

The Freedom Forum-NCAA Sports Journalism Scholarship

- One time $300 scholarship

* Sports Journalism student
* Current full-time junior
* Mid-December deadline

Susan Delony Student Academic Achievement Award

- Clemson University junior or senior
- Maintains high scholarly achievement and an excellent academic record
- Commitment to a field of study (presentations, research, or participation)
- Late-January deadline

Athletic/Academic Awards

ACC Weaver-James Honorary Award

- Candidate must plan to attend graduate school
- Minimum GPA of 3.2/4.0
- Participant in final season of eligibility
- Excellent athletic, leadership, and academic achievements
- Plan to continue athletic career with a professional organization or on a national team
- Late-January deadline

NCAA Today’s Top VIII Award

- Varsity letterwinner and distinctive athletic career (All-American)
- Participant in final season of eligibility
- High GPA
- Additional honors/awards
- Late-January deadline for Fall sports; Early August deadline for Winter/Spring sports

NCAA Woman of the Year Award

- Achievements in leadership, service, athletics, and academics
- Varsity letterwinner
- Participant in final season of eligibility
- Minimum GPA of 2.5
- Mid-June deadline, submitted to the ACC

Service and Leadership Awards

ACC Top VI Award

- 6 student-athletes most involved in community service
- January deadline

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Student Award

- Clemson University male and female senior
- Service and leadership
- Late-January deadline

Butch Trent Community Service Award

- Clemson University student
- Strong interest and passion for community service and volunteer work
- Encourages other to participate in community service
- Late-January deadline

Clemson University Outstanding Women and Distinguished Contributor Award

- Undergraduate female student
- Professional achievement and service as a role model within and outside the University
- Efforts to maintain the status of women
- Mid-February deadline

Frank A. Burtner Scholarship

- One-time cash scholarship
- Clemson University rising senior
- Exemplary leadership qualities and outstanding academic record
- Late-January deadline

Matt Locke Award

- Clemson University student
- Outstanding leadership in community service activities
- Late-January deadline

N4A Wilma Rudolph Student-Athlete Achievement Award

- Completed three semesters, passed 36 hours, and be in good academic standing
- Varsity letterwinner
- Overcome great personal, academic, and/or emotional odds to achieve academic success
- Late-February deadline

NCAA Leadership Conference

- Selected nominee will represent Clemson University at the annual May conference in Orlando, FL
- Criteria for selection based on 3 areas:

* Service, volunteerism, leadership
* Academic achievement
* Athletic accomplishments, recognition, and honors

- Early-February deadline

Nick Lomax Rising Star Award

- Clemson University freshman or sophomore
- Exhibits promise of leadership and involved in community service activities
- Motivates peers to participate in community service activities
- Late-January deadline

Phil Prince Student Development Award

- Clemson University junior or senior
- Advancements in personal development through community and civic involvement
- Late-January deadline

Thea McCrary Student Award for Outstanding Service

- Clemson University student
- Engaged in community or public service
- $150 one-time stipend
- Mid-February deadline

Who’s Who Among American College Students

- At least a second year student
- Academic ability, participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to school, and potential for future achievement
- August 31-April 15 deadline

Athletic Department Awards

Academic Achievement Award

- Significant and consistent academic improvement
- January deadline

Academic Hall of Fame

- Student-athlete that won the ACC and/or NCAA postgraduate award
- January deadline

Athletic Director’s Academic Excellence Award

- Graduating student-athletes
- Earned honor roll distinction for seven consecutive semesters
- January deadline

Bill D’Andrea Service Award

- Commitment to academics
- Devotion to service
- Excellence in Leadership
- January deadline

The Brandon Streeter Award

- Clemson University student-athlete
- Despite injury, gave 110% in practice and competition
- Late-July deadline to John Seketa

Clemson University All-Academic Team

- Clemson University student-athlete from each team with the highest GPA
- Completed at least 60 hours at Clemson University
- January deadline

The Edward’s Sportsmanship Award

- Clemson University student-athlete
- Display of good sportsmanship on and off the field
- High classroom standards
- Late-July deadline to John Seketa

The Frank Howard Award

- Clemson University student-athlete
- Nationally recognized for athletic skills
- Late-July deadline to John Seketa

The IPTAY Student-Athlete-of-the Year Award

- Clemson University student-athlete
- Character, leadership, and academic record with national recognition
- Late-July deadline to John Seketa

Michelin® Career Awareness Award

- Senior student-athlete
- Participant in career development programs and development of career enhancement skills
- January deadline

Cecil Huey Award

- Graduating student-athlete
- Demonstration of academic and athletic achievement while adhering to high ethical standards
- January deadline

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