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Your support gives Clemson Golf a winning edge
Clemson Golf has a championship history. The quality of play from Clemson golfers has been impressive since its beginning with 29 consecutive appearances in the NCAA Tournament, seven NCAA Regional Championships, an NCAA National Championship, hundreds of individual and team accolades, and a parade of players swelling the ranks of the PGA.

Truly, Clemson Golf is an extraordinary program, bringing to Clemson some highly talented young men and women, and capturing the attention of the international golf community.

Clemson Golf Paws was formed to provide an unrestricted fund for Clemson Golf. Every year additional needs arise outside the Clemson Golf program’s budget that, if met, could help give the team a winning edge. With your supporting Clemson Golf Paws membership, coaches can meet these needs in an effort to help recruit the best players to Clemson and provide them with the tools that help them achieve their highest level of play.

Clemson Golf Paws will support - and extend - the championship tradition for both the men’s and the new women’s programs through the establishment of this unrestricted fund. Funds will be managed by the Clemson University Foundation and made available for use by the Clemson Golf coaches under the supervision of the Athletic Director.

Sustaining and strengthening a great program
Top recruits go to top programs. And Clemson Golf Paws wants to make sure that Clemson is the choice of this elite group by ensuring that the clubhouse, practice facilities and other important recruiting tools are at their very best.



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