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"Death Valley"

"When Clemson players rub that rock and run down the hill, its the most exciting 25 seconds in college football."
Brent Musberger, ABC Sports

"Death Valley really lives up to its image. I was impressed with this stadium. When you put 80,000 people in there, it really feels like they are on top of you. I would hate to be Georgia Tech or whoever else comes in here."
San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Steve Young

"I came here knowing it would be loud and that Clemson would hit me hard, but to me, the noise was the biggest factor. I know I didn't concentrate as well because of it."
Herschel Walker after Clemson's 13-3 victory in 1981, his only regular season loss at Georgia.

"I remember being nervous before the game because there were 80,000 people dressed in orange. It's intimidating. I even threw up before the game. It's the only time I've ever done that."
Former Duke Quarterback Dave Brown

"When you get to the bottom of the hill, it's like you're in a hole and all around you are nothing but Clemson fans. Its like the crowd is one big voice. You feel like little kings."
Former Clemson running back Rodney Blunt

"Clemson's record at home is not a coincidence. Running down the hill is a part of that record. You get so inspired, and so much of college football is about emotion. You get out of that bus and you hear the roar of the crowd and it gives you chills up and down your spine."
Former Clemson All-America kicker David Treadwell

"There is no place louder or more picturesque than Death Valley. There, where Clemson folks see magic in a hill and a rock, orange gets more respect than anywhere this side of Gainesville, Florida."
Terence Moore, Atlanta Constitution

"Running down the hill is still talked about everywhere I go. Players who played against Clemson when I was in college remember us running the hill and thinking we would gain some type of spirit. The adrenalin rush was unbelieveable for a Clemson player and quite a shock for the opponent."
Former Clemson All-American Jerry Butler

"The rock has strange powers. When you rub it, and run down the hill, the adrenaline flows. Its the most emotional experience I've ever had."
Six-time All-Pro and former Clemson All-American Michael Dean Perry

"Last spring (1999), former New York Knicks Head Coach Jeff Van Gundy came to Clemson for a coaching clinic. One of the first things he said was, 'before I leave I've got to rub Howard's Rock.' So, we brought him to the rock about midnight one night. He rubbed the rock, but he wouldn't run down the hill. He was a little afraid of that."
Clemson Head Basketball Coach Larry Shyatt

"It has always been a dream to run down that hill. You get to the top and it's emotional because you think of all the players that have done the exact same thing that you are doing. When you get to the bottom you look up and see 80,000 people hollering and you realize you have a tradition to live up to."
Clemson Senior Center Kyle Young

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