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IPTAY Annual Fund
Release:  05/14/2015

IPTAY Annual provides the consistency, the support and the loyalty — year after year.

The long history of support from IPTAY Annual members has given IPTAY the visibility and support needed to fund scholarships for thousands of student-athletes while strengthening Clemson Athletics in other ways. IPTAY Annual is so much more than the obvious privileges it affords its members. It has been, and will continue to be, vital to the successful growth of Clemson Athletics. IPTAY Annual will continue to provide this important “core” of supporters while funding

• annual scholarships,
• operation of Vickery Hall and its student-athlete enrichment programs,
• facility subsidies
• IPTAY operations, and
• reserve funding for priority needs.

Wherever there is solid fan support and a strong contingency of orange, you’ll find IPTAY. Along with supporting Clemson Athletics, IPTAY donors enjoy a number of benefits that vary by gift level. 

Be a part! Join IPTAY today.

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