SAAC Meeting Minutes
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Release:  09/10/2009

Sept. 10, 2009

1. Welcome- Lauren Klas

2. Retreat Review
a. Video - Ginty Porter
b. Recap - Alex Padgett and Lauren Klas
i. Main Focus - Communication between SAAC Reps and Teams
ii. Officers will be talking with coaches at the coaches meeting about this problem on Sept 9.
iii. Committee Chairs - Student-Athlete stepping up to lead these
iv. Sportsmanship Award - Keep track of acts of sportsmanship and report back to SAAC in order to have this at the end of the year
v. 50% attendance-better than last year - Improves team building

3. Suite 100 - Major Donors and pre-game s/a visit - Bob Mahoney
a. What is it that motivates us to compete? What motivates them to give?
b. Special guest each home game
c. Looking for volunteers to speak with the donors
d. Enhance the understanding of SAAC with donors

4. SAAC Leadership Representation - Ginty Porter
a. NCAA Region 1 Leadership Conference
i. Two Representatives attending in Atlanta Oct 23-25
ii. Alex Padgett and Sthefany Thomas will represent Clemson
b. Athletic Council
i. Will have a representative on the council - Lauren Klas
i. Once this year in Greensboro, NC
ii. Tyler Morey and Lauren Klas will attend on Oct. 1-2
d. Student Government
i. Abby Daniels (Student Body President) will be attending our meetings
ii. Lauren Klas or another SAAC member will be attending Student Government weekly meetings

5. Bridging the communication gap between coaches, athletes, and professors- Becky Bowman
(Reminders: If you are having any questions or concerns please ask. Use hand sanitizer before using computers in the Vickery Hall lab)
a. Approached a couple weeks ago by Webb Smathers, Applied Economics professor and chair of Community Relations subcommittee of Athletic Council, about examining pressure being placed on student-athletes from coaches and professors.
b. Open forum between faculty and coaches in order to ease any additional pressures on student-athletes
c. Stress of Group Meetings
d. Please send any additional concerns to rbowman@clemson.edu

6. Solid Orange Family Reunion Feedback
a. Possibly two separate events
b. Student-Athletes and Coaches at a picnic/ Coaches and Administration along with families at another
c. Possibly moved back a week in coordination with SAAC Retreat in order to get better participation
d. Possibly start it a little early
e. More of an event instead of a show

7. Overview of Community Service Activities
a. Schilleter Night - Lauren Klas
i. Chair - Maggie Benard
ii. Co-Chair - Paige Grittih
iii. Teams: Rowing, Football?, Women's Tennis
b. Thank-a-thon - Lauren Klas
i. Meredith Razzolini and Chris Lake
ii. Teams: Baseball,
c. National Student-Athlete Day
i. Chair-Jason Chatlosh
ii. Co-Chair-Ashley Vaughn
iii. April Event
iv. Teams: Men's Soccer, Men's Swimming, Golf
d. Soles for Souls
i. Chair-Alex Padgett
ii. Co-Chair-Chad Holt
iii. Teams: Volleyball, Basketball, Men's Track, Men's Cross Country, Women's Cross Country, Women's Track
e. Be A Tiger - Tyler Morey
i. Co-Chair-Katrina Obas
ii. Teams- Women's Swimming, Men's Tennis, Women's Soccer
f. If you have any questions or concerns please contact a SAAC Officer

8. Open Discussion

Absent: McCuen Elmore (excused for Acct. test), Sthefany Thomas, Lisa Jedlicka, Paula Pritzen (class conflict)

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