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Alma Mater

Rebecca Abkowitz Diving rabkowi@g.clemson.edu University of Pittsburgh
Rachel Alterio Men's Tennis ralteri@g.clemson.edu University of Alabama
Adam Childs M&W Track & Field and Cross Country achilds@g.clemson.edu University of South Florida
Thomas Eubanks Men's Tennis eubank5@g.clemson.edu East Carolina State
Brittany Murray Women’s Tennis bkm@g.clemson.edu Michigan Sate
Cameron Ortyl Football cortyl@g.clemson.edu Purdue University
Cheyenne Reynolds Volleyball clreyno@g.clemson.edu Springfield College
Mary Kathryn Schickel Rowing mschick@g.clemson.edu California University of Pennsylvania
Serenity Seiler Women's Tennis sseiler@g.clemson.edu Kansas State 

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