Women's Soccer

Top Five Goals of 2013

Watch the top five goals scored by the Tigers during the 2013 women's soccer season, and see which was selected Goal of the Year.

Nominee #1: Catrina Atanda (Assist: Abby Jones) vs. Davidson (Sept. 8)
Nominee #2: Vanessa Laxgang (Assist: Claire Wagner) vs. Florida State (Sept. 29)
Nominee #3: Jenna Polonsky (Assist: Tabitha Padgett) vs. Boston College (Sept. 15)
Nominee #4: Catrina Atanda (Assist: Jenna Polonsky) vs. Davidson (Sept. 8)
Nominee #5: Vanessa Laxgang (Assist: Katie Sprouse) vs. Boston College (Sept. 15)

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